MissChief, comprising of Chanel Pang (lead vocals), Jamie Lee (cajon), and Mabel Lim (keyboard), is a unique girl band based in Singapore. Each equipped with their own distinctive background and experience in music and performing, they are versed at multilingual hits ranging from soothing ballads to upbeat dance tunes. A fusion of individualities, they appeal to a wide spectrum of audience and listeners as they deliver their performance with vivaciousness and zest.

MissChief speaks versatility, dynamism and style.

由几位来自不同音乐背景的女生组成的MissChief, 是新加坡独一无二的女子乐团。她们各自具备着丰富的表演经验,包括电视比赛、餐厅驻唱、婚礼表演和大型的户外活动。虽然有着截然不同的性格,她们在音乐的合作上却擦出了意外的火花。一触即发的默契,让她们涉略各种音乐风格,从抒情的情歌到节奏强烈的舞曲,她们都竭尽所能地呈现给观众。 MissChief希望以清新自然的活力感染及震撼观众的视、听觉。